Advertising & Signage
Whether you require assistance with a single advertising project, or an on-going campaign, we will provide professional creative and placement services:

Advertising Research
Focus groups
Consumer and Business Surveys and Interviews

Creative Support
Complete copy, art and placement for:
Print advertising, including newspapers, consumer and trade magazines
Outdoor and Transit
Supermarket advertising
Package Design
Corporate Identity
Brochures, Catalogs, and Portfolio's with inserts
Promotional flyers and sheets
Radio and Television, network and cable
Audio & Visual for meetings and special events

Children, teens, young adults, adults, and seniors, for print, electronic media, and trade shows. Reasonable rates per hour or day rate.

Media Selection
Efficiently targeting the client's publics and markets using demographic data to reach the correct audience, whether local, regional, or national. Cost per thousand isn't always as important as timing, frequency, message, continuity, and duplication. With a massive amount of media to choose from today, targeting via the right vehicles is crucial to the success of most projects.

Client Services
These services can greatly assist a client's growth with special attention to:
Determination of Client's Advertising objectives and needs
Identifying problems and opportunities
Advertising strategy and planning
On-going client and agency interaction
Coordination of advertising and overall marketing plans, forecasts, budgeting, creative support, advertising placement, sales promotion, public relations and/or affairs, and special projects
Regular reporting and analysis of advertising

Signage Services
Good design and simplicity are many times the only two ingredients defining a successful signage campaign. But craftsmanship is also very important, even if its not noticed. Whether for a tradeshow, a retail store, or vehicle promotion, good signage communicates a message immediately, and attractively. Today there are materials which cling to glass, walls, and floors. A simple flower can be enlarged to 40' by 10' to create a dramatic effect for a promotion or even interior design. Signage can play an important part of your corporate communications program to ensure continuity and identity. Whatever your needs are, whether full color digital, vinyl, or backlit signs, membership cards, promotions, or a custom tradeshow exhibit utilizing metal, glass, wood and paper, call us to discuss your needs.

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