Marketing Services
Market Planning offers organizational strategy, objectives, identification of problems and opportunities. The marketing mix, distribution, pricing and product strategy, along with promotional strategy can greatly assist the client in reaching its marketing goals. We can also produce a Marketing Plan for a short period of time or up to five years.

Market Surveys & Questionnaires
Surveys and questionnaires can determine attitudes and individual characteristics, valuable information in the continuing success of a marketing plan. Telephone, mail, fax, email or personal one-on-one and focus groups are available.

Promotional Mailings, Faxes, and E-mailings
Direct mail has been one of our strongest vehicles when used as part of a program. We're a list broker for mailing, fax and email lists, and can examine every demographic element important to targeting your market(s). We can produce the entire project, whether a jumbo postcard mailing, a three-part direct or fax mailing or E-mailing. We also provide complete mailing services to insure you receive the largest discounts available from the U.S. Postal Service.

Market Research & Analysis
Clients who require market information find that a professional gathering information produces greater success later during the analysis stage. The actual target market and/or publics represent various influences which require interpretation for the market plan to be utilized successfully. Demographic information, data representing the targeted audience's age, sex, marital status, family size, income, occupation, education, and geographical location, each play an important part in targeting the eventual consumer. Subcultures, regions, and behavior patterns are additional dimensions which often are considered. Market segmentation research can also be conducted to assist the client in discovering their market profile.

Market Development & Testing
This is the actual day-to-day work where the advertising and other marketing functions come into play. After the target market is selected, identified, and decisions have been made by the client regarding the marketing mix, a marketing program will be integrated. The activities and results are monitored through various market tests. The testing acts as a barometer reading and informs the client and agency about the success of the marketing program. The measurement practice can include market share, volume, sales, profit, and cost analysis, as well as any problems. All in all, this practice can save the client from costly mistakes.

Incentive Travel & Meeting Planning
Travel still gets a lot of attention. We can create both internal promotions for employees and clients, as well as external promotions for potential customers and the public. Budgets and client considerations form the basis of any recommendations. Meeting planning is another service we provide which brings a professional touch, important to the success of any meeting. Client goals are taken into consideration when planning for special meetings, a seminar, trade show, or convention. We have the ability to work with groups from 3 to 3,000. We maintain contacts with hotels, resorts, and convention centers not only around the Chicago area, but throughout the world. Every detail is examined against a checklist developed since 1973, and update continuously. Our experience can assist you with room negotiation, gourmet meals, audio/visual presentations, signage and graphics, sound and/or light equipment, staging, costumes, decorations, spouse programs, travel arrangements, leisure activities, speechwriting and delivery, as well as advance promotional mailings and/or advertising.

Incentive and Premium Items
We attend the nation's largest premium and incentive shows and can provide custom items from nearly any manufacturer in the U.S. or abroad. Whether it's a gift for a special event, gift certificates from national brands for monthly award winners, a domestic or foreign trip for a promotion, a special client or award winner, we can assist you.

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